Multimedia Producing and Supervising

The Soneva Foundation engaged Worldview International Foundation to plant 2.5 million mangroves in Myanmar, restoring 1,000 hectares of mangrove forests. 1.5 million mangroves have already been planted, with the rest to be planted in 2023.

Aung Khant and his team produced this amazing multimedia project in collaboration with the Soneva Foundation, encompassing video, photo, and text storytelling. He managed every step of the project, from pre-production to production and post-production, which included handling scripts. They are highly satisfied with the outcome of this project, as it exceeded their expectations in terms of quality and impact.

Myanmar Beyond The Headlines presents a nation’s enduring quest for democracy. It provides in depth information and exclusive testimonies on one of Myanmar’s gravest multifaceted crises.

Aung Khant produced this project for the video and photo sections. His main duty in this project was to find suitable footage, provide guidance for each video shoot with local videographers around the world, supervise all video shoots, and handle the editing. This project took place in the EU Parliament in 2022.